Christofle collections are made in Limoges and are porcelaine as opposed to bone china. It means that it is extremely white as opposed to the creamy surface of bone china. Whilst most of Christofle patterns are designed to mix and match, none would mix and match with bone china as one would appear dirty against the other. Moreover the “foot’” (the unglazed bottom of a piece) will not sit properly as the dimensions are moulds used are very different.

We recommend hand washing but machine wash on a fragile cycle works just as well. We do not recommend soaking with bleach or other abrasive detergents nor plunge in boiling water.

Each pattern has a different depth of range indicated in your choice of items for purchase.

Prices are per place setting of 4 pieces for one person, combining a dinner plate, a dessert/entrée plate, a bread and butter plate and a rim soup plate or soup/cereal, depending on the pattern. Please call the store for prices on individual pieces.

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