Malmaison Diamonds – Cutlery

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The idea of adding semi-precious and precious stones to adorn cutlery is as old as the concept of cutlery itself. In response to requests for customisation Christofle has selected one of its most stately patterns, MALMAISON, to adorn it with real, first-grade cut diamonds. Moreover, it offers the design either as a “rainfall” of diamonds, where the stones are imbedded into the handle in a seemingly arbitrary fashion, or as a “classic” version, where the row of diamonds follows the contours of the palmette design around the handle of each piece. The latter is slightly cheaper than the rainfall version as it requires less diamonds. A valuation of course is given with every piece. This pattern is not recommended in the dishwasher and polishing requires special handling due to the stones. The price indicated is for a single dinner fork. A place setting is over $ 66,000.00 for a conventional 7 pieces setting.
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Classic, Rainfall