Osiris – Cutlery




OSIRIS's design recalls the papyrus plant grown in the freshwater marshes of the Nile with the noticeable fluting of strong vertical lines gathered at the finial turning it into a stylised flower of the reed like plant. With its soft edges and architectural lines it is a timeless classic, most often selected for Mediterranean-inspired environments. Osiris has been one of the most enduring stainless steel patterns of our range. However, since stainless steel patterns are designed for casual entertaining such serving pieces as the soup ladle, the fish knives and forks as well as the pastry forks and pie server have been deleted from the range at the end of 2016.
As in every other cutlery pattern the above price refers to a Pacific Place Setting of 7 pieces (Place Setting is composed of an oval soup spoon, main fork, main knife, dessert spoon, tea spoon and a dessert/entree fork and knife).
Please call us for price and availability of individual pieces.