Talisman – Cutlery




TALISMAN is, without the shadow of a doubt, the pinnacle of Christofle’s flatware collection in terms of mastery, technical expertise, design and the infinite customization possibilities, whilst effortlessly maintaining the classical beauty the brand is famous for. By layering sixteen coats of hand-applied authentic Chinese lacquer in a subtle cloisonné process, TALISMAN allows for the creation of virtually any shade of color and turns every piece into a jewel.
When you add an eggshell, a wood vein or a shagreen finish, you end up with a cutlery set which is as unique as you are. Christofle initially launched this inimitable process with four basic colors: natural Chinese lacquer, which, like a master painting, acquires the depth of its almost ochre color over time; a midnight blue; an all over black and an emerald green. It is now available in whatever shade suits your fancy.
Amazingly, it remains dishwasher safe as are all of Christofle cutlery patterns.
The desired result is impossible to achieve without a close consult with your sales representative.
The indicative price per place setting of 7 pieces. Custom color requires a minimum purchase of 8 settings.