Chinaware – Vertigo




Designed by Andree Putman and recognisable to its design of criss-crossing elliptical platinum rings towards the edge of the coupe plate. With its coupe shape with no border, chefs can use the entire surface of the plate all the way to the edge adding to the generous proportions of the plate.

Vertigo has 12 references:
Underplate 31 cm; dinner plate 27 cm; dessert/entrée plate; bread plate; soup/cereal bowl 19 cm; small dessert/breakfast bowl 12 cm; large bowl 17 cm; salad serving bowl 25 cm; open vegetable bowl 29 cm; oval platter 38 cm; demitasse cup and saucer; tea cup and saucer.
Prices are per place setting of 4 pieces for one person, combining a dinner plate, a dessert/entrée plate, a bread and butter plate and a rim soup plate or soup/cereal, depending on the pattern.
Please call the store for prices on individual pieces.

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