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To celebrate the Chinese New Year Christofle has created silver sculptures designed by various well known animal sculptors. 2016 was of course the Year of the Monkey and Christofle made three little monkeys which are interchangeable on their wood lacquered plinth. They epitomize also the famous warning “see no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil”. If you know your friends’ birth year in the Chinese calendar, a Christofle sculpture from the year of their birth is a gift they will remember you for an entire lifetime. The sculptures shown here are the only ones still available in our stock holdings. Some of our smaller sculptures were designed for their symbolism in many cultures and make beautiful decorative objects on a desk, a mantelpiece or on your library shelves. All sculptures are now offered at 50% off their original price. Most were costed at around $ 800.00/piece. Call the store for details

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Dragon Lx W x H; 15*11.5*13.8cm, Three wise monkeys H: 6 cm, Horse Lx W x H; 11.5*8.5*17 cm, Crouching panther H x L: 6.6* 13*6 cm, Elephant Lx WX H: 9.7*6* 12.5cm, Snake Lx W x H: 16.3*10*12.2 cm, Ram L x W x H: 11*5*13 cm