Stemware – Albi

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With its long gracile stem, well-proportioned bowl without cuts or facettes, the ALBI range is the basic crystal stemware pattern by excellence. Mix and match with other patterns for a visually more interesting table.
The glasses are offered in 3 sizes. According to French tradition the largest one is used for water, the second largest for red wine and the third one for white. Usage in Australia has made the largest better suited for the appreciation of red wine and the other two for whites or roses. Our clients have often opted for the Kawali clear goblet to complement the sobriety of the Albi line.
The pattern also includes a champagne flute, a tall and elegant wine decanter with a slightly fluted finial top and a capacious water pitcher with handle.
Glasses are only packaged by 6. Price is per item. Flutes are also offered in gift boxes of 2. It is the one pattern which by definition lends itself most easily o personalization as the bowl can be etched without conflicting with a given pattern.

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Water/Red Wine Glass, Wine Glass #2, Wine Glass #3, Champagne flute, Wine Decanter, Water Pitcher