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A tall and thin stem showcasing a rather contemporary squarish bowl further accentuated by a grid-like pattern of incised lines which come up 2/3 off the base of the bowl, turns the GRAPHIK pattern into a new crystal stemware option.
Graphik offers 3 sizes glasses, a ship-shaped flat bottom decanter and a water pitcher which is nothing but architectural in its design.
According to French tradition the largest glass is used for water, the second largest for red wine and the third one for white. Usage in Australia has made the largest one better for the appreciation of red wine and the other two for whites or roses. The stylish and unusual shape of the water pitcher will see you use it on the table as much as on the bar. it measures 30 cm in height.
Glasses are packaged by 6 and there are no individual gift boxes.

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Glass #1, Glass #2, Glass #3, Wine Decanter, Water Pitcher, Champagne Flute